Mercy Ministries of Laredo

Mercy Health Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Mercy Ministries of Laredo. All gifts support the medically underserved through Mercy Clinic Laredo, as well as provide help for victims of domestic violence at Casa de Misericordia.

Who We Are

Our Ministry

When a young Irish woman named Catherine McAuley received an unexpected inheritance, she gave thanks to God and her benefactor. Catherine used those funds to open the first House of Mercy, serving impoverished women and children in Dublin. 

In early 1875, the Sisters of Mercy came to the South Texas town of Indianola. Only a few months later, a severe tropical storm destroyed the town, and the Sisters were forced to relocate to Refugio, Texas.

In 1894, the motherhouse for Sisters of Mercy of South Texas was moved from Refugio to Laredo, under the leadership of Mother Mary Clare O’Connell. Along with another Sister and a postulant, Mother Mary established Laredo’s first hospital, a 12-bed facility, which Mercy managed until 2003. The Sisters also taught at many schools and established two nursing schools.

Today, Sisters of Mercy run Mercy Ministries of Laredo. This community outreach ministry includes a primary care clinic, domestic violence shelter and education center. Community outreach workers – known in Spanish as “promotoras” – bring follow-up care to the community’s poorest citizens who live along the US – Mexico border and have little or no access to transportation.

Our Focus

Mercy Ministries of Laredo provides primary health care services to underprivileged residents of Webb County. Mercy’s doctors focus on prevention and control of chronic illness through education and patient compliance. Patients are coached to become advocates of their own health.

Mercy Clinic is the medical home for some of Webb County’s most vulnerable residents. Our entire client base is medically uninsured; most are per diem workers who receive no benefits. The focus of the clinic is to offer our patients prevention through education and early detection.

Casa de Misericordia (Casa), the only domestic violence shelter within an 80-mile radius, is a 24/7 operation committed to the well-being of those trapped in the web of family violence/abuse. Emotional and psychological trauma takes time and commitment to heal. That is why Casa’s focus is helping survivors reclaim their lives through comprehensive, holistic services and consistent long-term support.

For 125 years, the Sisters of Mercy have continuously cared for the people of Laredo and the surrounding area. Your generous donations help Mercy Ministries of Laredo continue to minister to those entrusted to our care for years to come.

For the needs of the medically underserved.

Dental Care
For our existing client base, basic services including cleanings, fillings and simple dental extractions.

Cancer Screenings
Cancer screenings, physician visits and medications to underserved cancer patients in collaboration with a local oncologist.

Diabetes Center
Routine medical exams, medication counseling, diabetes education classes, eye and foot exams, glucose testing/supplies, nutrition/physical education.

General Medicine
Chronic illnesses and acute episodes.

Health Education
Disease-specific preventive health guidelines that allow people to become proactively involved in their own care.

Medication Assistance
Low-cost or free medications to those who qualify; focus on those with chronic illnesses. Assist patients in applying for free medication.

Mobile Clinic
Mobile medical services for inner city, rural and colonia sites.

Outreach and Education
Outreach and case management program utilizing promotor(s) system (certified community health workers) to relay information about individual health, preventive measures and disease management.

Social Services
Social workers and case managers assist patients with referrals and/or follow-up.

Women’s Health Services
Breast/cervical cancer screenings, dysplasia and GYN referrals.

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Quick News

Mercy Named Top Five Health Care System in the U.S. by Watson Health 15 Top Health Systems four years in a row. Read more

Mercy Ministries of Laredo Staff

Sister Maria Luisa Vera, RSM

President, Mercy Ministries of Laredo

Elizabeth Casso

Vice President, Finance, Mercy Ministries of Laredo

Clark Ellison

Vice President of Development, South Central Communities and Ministries

Diana Granados

Director of Development

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