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Lives that were changed

by donors like you

When we watch these inspirational videos of gratitude from our patients and their families, we know in our hearts there is good all around us. When you give to Mercy Health Foundation, you join us in bringing more hope and healing to those we serve.

Nicole's Story

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Being a mother to an infant can be stressful. Being a mother to a six-month-old and finding a lump in your breast can be downright terrifying.

John John's Story

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During this treatment, John John began to learn how to communicate using sign language.  This gave him the ability to tell his mom, dad and teachers his likes, wants and needs. He is also beginning to verbally communicate, something Kathleen never thought would be possible.

Katy's Story

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Katie is a loving mother, daughter and entrepreneur. After years of struggling with mental health, Katie attempted to take her own life.

Thomas' Story

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Thomas was diagnosed with autism shortly before his first birthday. With the help of Mercy Therapy and Development Center’s specialized care team, Thomas is now thriving.

Bryce's Story

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Receiving a life-threatening diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. But imagine how it would feel to learn that your child has cancer. When Jill and Mike Dal Pozzo took their three-year-old son Bryce to the ER, they never realized how quickly their lives would be turned upside down.

Casey's Story

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It’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that a higher power led Casey Brown to Mercy. The compassionate, focused care Casey received here restored his vision and his hope for the future.

Maria's Story

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Maria suffered severe burns to over 80% of her body from a malfunctioning hot tub. Learn how Mercy’s Burn Center, the only one in Southwest Missouri, saved Maria’s life with specialized therapies and treatment.

Steven's Story

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Steven was an avid traveler and incredibly talented nature photographer. Learn how his personal experience with cancer touched the lives of fellow patients through his selfless acts of kindness and generosity. Steven’s legacy lives on through a planned gift to Mercy Health Foundation.

Cardinals Kids Cancer Center

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Emily and Patrick both experienced shocking cancer diagnoses in their early twenties. Receiving a cancer diagnosis at any age is difficult, but Mercy understands the unique impact to an adolescent or young adult at such a critical stage in their lives. Mercy’s Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program provided much more than life-saving care for these incredible individuals.


Nick and Charlie's Story

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Nick first came to Mercy Kids in 2019, when he was diagnosed with leukemia. There, he found a special place designed for his needs, but it also brought him closer to the caregivers who have become life-long friends.

Cathy’s Story

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Cathy Glover beat cancer thanks to the support of donors like you. Watch the video to hear her story.


Myla's Story

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Myla Sprabery was just 29 years old when she suffered a stroke that affected the speech center of her brain. No matter how hard she tried, the young mother of four could no longer form the words that were on her heart.


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