Women with a Mission Northwest Arkansas

Striving to continue the legacy of Catherine McAuley, the Women with a Mission giving society combines resources, vision and passion for helping others to support and improve health care in our communities.

Social Pop-Up Event 

Join us for our Social Pop-Up event on Monday, July 15, to learn the Top 10 dental myths, enjoy wine & hors d’oeuvres and enter to win giveaways, all while networking and connecting with other Women with a Mission members passionate about health care.  Must be a current Women with a Mission member to attend.

Click here to register online.

A mission-minded woman, Catherine McAuley founded Sisters of Mercy. In 1827 she was moved to respond to the suffering and poverty she witnessed around her in Dublin, Ireland. With a $1 million inheritance she established the first House of Mercy in Dublin. Today, we continue to strive to carry on Catherine’s mission to serve the poor, sick and uneducated – especially women, children and the elderly.

WWAM brings together women from diverse backgrounds with a common goal of making a difference through the power of giving together.  Members gather twice a year to vote on possible projects and to learn about the impact of their giving. Additional opportunities are provided for networking and education about the work of the Mercy ministry in our community.


Membership is open to all who support the mission of Mercy Hospital with a minimum $1,000 annual gift. Each year, women collectively pool their resources and collaborate with Mercy administration to identify and fund creative solutions to important health care needs.

Upcoming Events

WWAM Summer Social Pop-Up
Monday, July 15, 2019

Registration link above.

“Collectively, Women with a Mission donations are substantial and have real impact.”

– Sarah J.

WWAM Northwest Arkansas Members

Heather Adams
Melanie Alecusan
Debbie Alsup
Lisa Atkins
Michelle Baldwin
Susan Barrett
Michelle Bass
Martha Bergant
Christy Blackshear
Cindy Blair
Kristen Boozman
Jill Bright
Beth Brown
Diane Callahan
Barbara Cibulka
Missy Clifton
Nancy Collom
Pat Cooper
Amanda Courcy
Kate Cox
Pat Curran
Corey Davidson
Mimi DeVol
Kristen Downs
Susan Duke
Margaret Ehmke
Karen Ellison
Lexie Emerson
Shirley Esch
Maria Fairchild
Suzy Fehlig
Liz Fernandez
Amie Fielder
Cathy Foraker
Cheryl Fulton
Susie Galen
Susan Goss
Simar Grewal
Ricci Grimes
Betty Hacala
Laurice Hachem
Marjorie Hanus
Debbie Hardiman
Vanessa Harper
Sheila Harrell
Meza Harris
Michelle Hauge
Allison Hayes
Mary Heman
Kim Higson-Lauderdale
Robin Hughes
Karen Inlow
Margaret Jurgensmeyer
Marylou Kilgore
Leslie Lamb
Jennifer LaPerre
Claire Lasley
Dorothy Lattanzio
Karen Leach
Alison Levin
Sara Lilygren May
Mandy Macke
Melody Martens
Allison McElroy
Katy McKinney
Mechelle Meredith-Ehardt
Ann Miller
Michele O’Brien
Karen O’Donohoe
Becky Paneitz
Karen Parker
Dawn Pianalto
Joyce Pollard
Martine Pollard
Dana Proctor
Patricia Profit
Charlotte Rankin
Bourgon Reynolds
MJ Rivaldo
Karen Roberts
Gisel Ruiz
Elda Scott
Kimberly Scott
Linda Scott
Melba Shewmaker
Julie Short
Kim Simpson
Marie Simpson
Meg Skaggs
Serena Smith
Bethany Stephens
Stephenie Sullivan
Jackie Telfair
Nancy Trammel
Darlene Tuohy
Gretchen Ulery
Becky Umbarger
Gilda Underwood
Vicki Vasser-Jenkins
Danielle Vaughan
Angie Warnock
Connie White
Tina Winham
Kasie Yokley
Diane Young
Sandra Younger
Leslie Zanoff
Mary Zettle
Erica Zubriski