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Mercy Research improves health care for our patients and communities by supporting clinical research and exploring solutions to health care challenges.

Results from our research studies  are used to develop new treatments and potential cures for multiple conditions, providing patients with new access and additional options for care.

With more than 500 research studies ongoing in many therapeutic areas, Mercy Research is a leader in innovative community health based research. We have achieved this goal through participation in clinic trials and development of new medical products, medical treatments and delivery systems that transform lives and improve overall community health.

Your gift to Mercy Research will support the women and men – both patients and researchers – dedicated to better understanding the illnesses that impact us and our loved ones.

Our Focus:

Offering Clinical Research Studies

Clinical Trials

We manage over 500 research studies on illnesses and diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, population health, critical care, diabetes, ophthalmology and stroke throughout our entire health system.

Access to New Treatments and Medications

New Treatments and Medication

Results from our research studies support the development and approval of new medical products, devices, drugs, medical treatments and delivery systems that transform patient lives and improve overall community health.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving Patient Outcomes

Mercy Research collaborates with other institutions to ensure our research population is large and diverse. We analyze and act upon real world data to improve patient outcomes.

Expanding Medical Knowledge

Expanding Medical Knowledge

Participating in research studies offers patients and clinicians the opportunity to expand their medical knowledge and empowers them to play an active role in their healing and future care for others.

Clinical trials

New treatments and medication

Improving patient outcomes

Expanding medical knowledge

COVID-19 treatment

Together we can touch more lives. Save more lives. And improve more lives. 

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